Steel Floggers

If your tastes run towards the dark, the dangerous, or the kinky, these floggers are made for you. They sport a solid 1 1/8 inch diemeter, 7 1/2 inch long handle withy only a little bit of flex to it. There are three tails, each a 1/2 inch diameter, 19-inch length of double-spiral chain. The flogger weighs a hair under two pounds. Blows can range from extremely gentle to harsh. Due to the nature of the steel, use on a person will not damage the flogger. If you repeatedly hit a steel post as hard as you can, wrapping the tails around it tight, you will eventually break the flogger.

Several members of the Washington, D.C. BDSM community have made use of these floggers, and both the tops and bottoms have given rave reviews. One inventive fellow brought out one of these during a lecture on electro-play, and it was discovered that these do a breathtaking job as a hand-held tool when using a violet wand with a body contact. (When a violet wand is being used as such, the person that the wand is attached to suddenly becomes an extension of the wand, and any conductive material that they weild becomes an extension as well).

Floggers fun $110 each.

I also have an idea for a slightly different design of flogger. Instead of havingthree thick tails of steel double-spiral chain, I am considering making a flogger with scores of tails of fine silver chain, each less than 2mm across, even as small as 1.1mm. This would give a rather contrasting sensation to the steel flogger above, and would also be highly applicable to electro-play. I have not yet made one of these floggers. However, if you are interested in one, let me know and we can experiment together.

Some of the wide bracelets in the "Bracelets" section are well suited to bondage applications. Once fastened they are essentially impossible to get off without the use of the other hand. They are broad enough to distribute weight comfortably. Due to their adjustible size, they can be closed around any attachemnts (ropes, chain, etc.) easily.

Bracelts run $35 each.

If you have an idea for any other toys, I will gladly make them. I may need a picture or a small sample of any unfamiliar patterns to produce it properly. (Samples will, of course, be returned).

As with all of the steel items I make, there are two general sizes that are available. The items you see here are made of the larger, 14-gauge galvanized steel with a 3/8" inside diameter. The smaller size is made of 17-gauge galvanized steel, and has a 1/4" inside diameter. Alternate metals such as nickel, brass, and copper are also available at your request, in a variety of sizes.

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