Steel Necklaces & Chokers

There are several popular necklace and choker patterns. Currently chokers appear to be the most popular. At left, you see a 6-in-1 choker of large rings, 3-wide, made completely of steel.

Another popular design is made of smaller size rings in the same pattern, but the middle row is copper instead of steel. This contrast in color brings more attention, while the smaller rings give the choker a more subtle touch.

Naturally, a necklace or choker can be made to any langth, and of any pattern you see here on this site.

If you want a piece made of a pattern that you do not see here, I may need a picture or a small sample of the pattern to produce it properly. (Samples will, of course, be returned).

As with all of the steel items I make, there are two general sizes that are available. The one you see on the left is the larger, made of 14-gauge galvanized steel with a 3/8" inside diameter. The smaller size is made of 17-gauge galvanized steel, and has a 1/4" inside diameter. Alternate metals such as nickel, brass, and copper are also available at your request, in a variety of sizes.

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