Steel Headpieces & Circlets

There are two general types of headgear: a band or a circlet that rests on your head, or a more elaborate piece which both encircles the crown of your head and has loops of fine chain draping down in back. I am proud to say that my chain does not catch in your hair! This has been tested on all textures of hair.

Circlets are available in of any of the patterns you see on this site, or in any custom pattern that you do not see here. For the more elaborate headpieces, in general the chains that I make by hand are too rough and too heavy to do well for the draping loops. For this reason, I prefer to use pre-made chain (sterling silver, gold, gold-plate or a base metal) for these loops. The pattern and design of loops is up to you.

If you have a custom design in mind, I will gladly make it. I may need a picture or a small sample of any unfamiliar patterns to produce it properly. (Samples will, of course, be returned).

As with all of the steel items I make, there are two general sizes that are available. The larger size is made of 14-gauge galvanized steel with a 3/8" inside diameter. The smaller size is made of 17-gauge galvanized steel, and has a 1/4" inside diameter. Alternate metals such as nickel, brass, and copper are also available at your request, in a variety of sizes.

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