Steel Belts

I make belts in a variety of patterns, and in any length that you desire. The standard steel belt (left) is a 4-in-1 pattern of width 5 that encircles the entire waist (or hips, depending on how long you want it), with an 18" length of simple double-link chain hanging free off the end.

A slight variation on the standard belt (right) leaves the last row of rings dangling in pairs, for a slightly different flavor of eye-catching. If I can find somewhere to buy coins or bells that I really like the sound of, I may make a version of this belt that jingles, ideal for belly-dancing.

Another popular steel belt is a simple rope of King's Chain (Box Chain), at any length you want. This can be hooked or tied easily. The King's Chain rope belts cost $10/foot.

I make rope belts in all of the patterns you see on these pages--Half-Persian, Birdcage, Spiral and Double-Spiral.

As with all of the steel items I make, there are two general sizes that are available. Both of these belts are constructed of the larger size: 14-gauge galvanized steel with a 3/8" inside diameter. The smaller size is made of 17-gauge galvanized steel, and has a 1/4" inside diameter. Alternate metals such as nickel, brass, and copper are also available at your request, in a variety of sizes.

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