Half-Persian Chain (Braid Chain)

The braid chain is unique, because it looks radically different from two different directions. The chain is rectangular in cross-section. The narrow side (about 3mm wide) appears braided, and the broader side (about 5mm) resembles a curved herringbone pattern. All necklaces close with a sterling silver lobster-claw clasp.

The longer standard necklace is 23 inches long. ($120)

The shorter standard necklace is 15 inches, and rests just below the base of the neck. ($80)

A close-up view of the lobster-claw clasp can be seen in the image to the left.

Custom lengths are available in increments of a quarter of an inch. Add (or subtract) $5.25 per inch if you are interested in a custom length chain.

Bracelets are all made to custom lengths, due to the variations in wrist sizes and customers preferences. Bracelets also close with a lobster claw clasp. ($5.25/inch)

Earrings are also available in the braid pattern. They are narrow tear-drop shaped loops, and hang about 1-1/3 inches down from a sterling silver french hook. These french hooks are shaped so that the weight hangs directly uner your ear, instead of in front of it. ($25/pair)

Earrings can be converted to clip-on upon request. Price per pair is $30.

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