King's Chain (Box Chain)

The box chain pattern is square in cross-section, and is constructed of sterling silver rings that are 4mm in diameter, 20 gauge wire. This is a highly flexible pattern with a little bit of space between the rings, so you can sometimes see through the chain and get a hint of whatever is behind it.

The standard necklace lengths are 23 inches for $160 and 15 inches for $110. These necklaces close with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp, as seen below.

Bracelets are also available in the box pattern. These bracelets are priced by the inch, since everyone has different wrist sizes and different preferences on how loose or tight they like their jewelery. You can specify lengths down to about an eighth of an inch, and I will do my best to price accordingly. For the box chain, the price per inch is $7.

For those with pierced ears, I also make square chain earrings. They hang from sterling silver french hooks. The french hooks are bent where they hold the earring, so that the weight hangs directly uner your ear, instead of in front of it. The earrings hang about 1 1/3 inches long. Price per pair is $18.

Earrings can be converted to clip-on at your request. Price per pair is $20.

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