Clay Bird Jewelry began its existence some time late in 1997, when I, Benjamin Kleber, apprenticed myself to a medieval armorer. I began learning the ways of working steel wire into strong, flexible cloth and cords whose origins are based in pre-gunpowder Europe and Asia.

I spent my time taking the chain patterns found in armor and putting them to use in lighter, smaller pieces like belts, bracelets, headpieces and necklaces. Customers in medieval re-enactment groups such as Markland (based in Maryland/Virginia and surrounding areas) and the worldwide SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) continually find my jewelry and accessories ideal for events specific to their societies as well as for state Renaissance faires--especially since I am glad to personalize and custom-fit each piece to the customer's desires.

Eventually I became sufficiently convinced that people actually find my jewelry unique and attractive enough to buy, and decided it was time to make the transition from amateur to professional: I began producing my jewelry in Sterling Silver.

I have continued selling custom-fitted jewelry at local events, and have been receiving more and more interest from local and internet customers for both steel and silver, and occasionally pieces that call for a combination of silver and gold. I still customize every piece to fit the needs of each customer, and I am working on assembling a photo album/gallery of satisfied customers wearing their Jewelry. (If you have bought something from me and I don't have a photo of you wearing it, send me one!)

Why the name "Clay Bird"? Well, my last name is "Kleber" and very few people pronounce it the same way that I do--usually they put a German accent on it and it comes out sounding sort of queer to me. Eventually I realized that if I simply added a 'd' to the end of it, it would make a catchy name. The result? Clay Bird Jewelry was named.

If you see anything here that you are interested in ordering, if you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in a custom-designed piece of jewelry, email me at